Friends of the Family Program

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Friends of the Family

On average, 80 Marin County children are in out-of-home care.

Between 30 and 50% of Resource Families step down each year, citing insufficient support.

33% of Marin’s foster youth are placed out of Marin County due to a lack of foster homes.

Children are in the child welfare system through no fault of their own.

Family reunification is the goal and the majority of Marin children return home once it is safe to do so.


Marin County has on average 80 foster children in its Dependency system. About 33% of those kids have been placed in foster care miles away from home because there are no homes that can meet their needs available in Marin County.

Fostering children is a rewarding yet demanding calling. The level of support a resource family has is directly correlated with their success in fostering children and their retention as a resource family. Many resource families report that they could do more if they had a bigger support network.


The Friends of the Family Program links community members to resource families in need of support. Marin County resource families have identified tangible supports that would empower them to continue providing the essential care that Marin County kids need to thrive. For example, this includes things such as helping with transportation, providing bought or prepared meals during times of transition, and donating goods or services. Volunteers will receive training and support from social workers familiar with the foster care system.


Marin County is looking for individuals who are interested in supporting Marin’s foster youth but are not able to care for foster children in their homes full-time. These volunteers can share their time or donate resources to support those that have taken a child into their home. There are many ways to become involved depending on a person’s individual interest, resources, and availability.


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Interested individuals can learn more about this program by attending an Orientation with Marin County Children and Family Services. Orientation sessions for the community are held once per month. Click here to view the Orientation schedule.

Interested applicants will work with Marin County Children and Family Services and the Marin County Volunteer Program to become approved as a Friend of the Family. The assessment process varies depending on the level of involvement a prospective participant will have and may include a background check and an interview with a social worker. Contact Krista Hopper-Pasillas or Leslie Fields for more information.