An Empty Nest No More!


We are the Knudsen family! We have been foster parents for about 3 years. We have been married for 34 years and should be empty nesters by now. Our youngest child is 23 and is finishing up at the police academy and will be moving out (that's our daughter in the picture) But... we're not! We work with teen girls and absolutely love it! We decided to do foster care because we believe in family and we believe that every child deserves one. Before we decided to become foster parents we talked with our daughter and she was completely on board and felt the same way. She wanted other kids to experience a fun, healthy and loving home life. She became the immediate big sister and they were treated like family. We both have a background in life coaching and career coaching and we wanted to pass our knowledge and love to kids who can't, for whatever reason, get that at home. Each teenager that has come through our doors has been full of potential! They have their challenges, yes, but majority of the time they are in the system due to no fault of their own. We look at them for who they can be not their current, stressful, fearful, anxious self. Foster kids aren't "bad" they are hurting, they are wounded and they want a fresh start and an opportunity.  These Kids are future doctors, lawyers, school teachers, and active community members but they don't know it yet and we want to help them realize that what happened to them in the past does not define who they are or their future. They are excited to have a fresh perspective on life and to learn new things. It's so rewarding to hear how we have impacted their lives in a few short months. Things that they will take with them for the rest of their lives. We want kids to experience a place of love, hope, security and love again! We love to help them regain trust in themselves and others, not an easy task but absolutely doable. I would encourage anyone who has love to give, security, encouragement and faith, to consider being a foster parent. You don't have to be perfect, you just gotta care.

Steve and Lesia Knudsen

Knudsen Family